AQS: Agro-Quality-Support

AQS Nederland BV (AQS) is an independent inspection body in the agricultural and food sector. AQS operates from the Netherlands, Poland and France, offering an extensive range of services to growers, distributors and supermarkets.

• take product samples for laboratory analysis
• inspect batches of fresh fruit and vegetable products
• offer training courses about quality standards

AQS takes samples to check for residues of crop protection products and for microbiological research. Besides conducting these activities for various private clients, AQS also takes samples for Food Compass, the sector monitoring organisation to which some 350 companies are affiliated.

AQS is specialised in conducting quality inspections of fresh fruit and vegetables. As well as inspecting the external and internal product quality, we can also inspect other aspects that are important to your customers or organisation.

AQS conducts periodic or regular quality assessments for a range of clients. The inspection plan is tailor-made, just as the reporting.

Training courses - Inspector/quality control for fruit and vegetables
AQS is a designated official trainer for AGF Groothandelsfonds (the Dutch fruit & vegetable sector organisation). The product and general modules form part of the sector-approved training programmes for fruit and vegetable inspectors and quality control employees.

Fruit and vegetables knowledge day
Each year AQS organises the ‘Fruit and vegetables knowledge day’. This is intended for everyone working in the sector who is involved with the general and specific trading standards. Discussions with other specialists and experienced inspectors on lower limits and interpretations of the standard take place around various product tables. Different products are highlighted each year.

In-company training programmes
AQS also offers in-company training programmes. Our trainers, practitioners with extensive experience in fruit and vegetable quality inspections, give these in-company training programmes in which you as client determine in advance where the focus should lie. The in-company training programme may focus on a single specific product or a limited number of products. This can include the general and specific trading standards, the UNECE standards or your own specifications. AQS training programmes can be held at any desired location.
In addition, AQS has extensive experience with training projects abroad. Companies outside the EU, which export fruit and vegetables to the EU, can commission AQS to train their employees so they expand their knowledge about the European fruit and vegetable trading standards.

Employees who follow an AQS training programme, in-company or otherwise, receive an AQS certificate on completion.

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Product inspections and sampling: Harold Willemsen
Training programmes and AQS knowledge day: Brigiet van den Boogaard


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